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"The program is absolutely beautiful..."

"Words can not describe my gratitude for your help last week. The bulletins for Charles J. Story were outstanding. It was a 1st class job. Everyone thought it was perfect."

"The program looks awesome..."

"I am so sorry that we are just now proof reading the program. Let me start off by saying it is absolutely beautiful..."

"The invites for Demetrius look GREAT!...Again, jab's work looks awesome as it always does. Luv ya and thanks."

"Oh man, this invite is the bomb! Very good...beautiful work as always!"

"This is very beautiful!  Awesome Job! Thanks for your time and speedy response."

"Just a quick note to say a BIG thank you from the family!  The programs turned out just great thanks to you adding your personal, professional, and God inspired comments.  We love you for helping ensure our Mom had a wonderful send off!"

"Good job, a very attractive package..."

"Hello!!! This is Beautiful...Very Very Beautiful!!!"

"This is great!!!...Charvette said you are not cool!! (That was her way of saying she really liked what you had done!!!)"

"I like the changes and the entire design."

"Beautiful job. You are most appreciated."

"Thank you for the program. It looks very beautiful!"

"The program looks great.....we can't thank you enough for all your assistance."

"Exceptional job!!!!"

"Thank you so very much. This poster looks awesome!"

"Thank you Jon, for this information. You are EXACTLY correct...WOW! I feel 1000% better...Thanks for this helpful, correct information."

"This is absolutely wonderful. My mom and the family are very pleased...Thanks for a magnificent job!!!! God bless you and your ministry."

"Just wanted to make contact thanking you for the marvelous work done for my mother's....homegoing service. I was introduced to your work by Michael A. Floyd of Michael A. Floyd Funeral Home....he spoke so highly of your work but didn't give it the justice it deserved. People from all over the United States wanted a copy of my mother's program; I ended up ordering more copies after the service was over. You also took time out to send cards to me over a long period of time, letting me know that I was not alone and that you were thinking of me; it was most sincerely appreciated. It took five years to finally THANK YOU again and to tell you I see you are still accomplishing more than you and your husband may have anticipated. Congratulations on a job most people are still trying to master."

"WOW! WOW! Glory to God!"

"As usual you guys have outdone yourselves is amazing how this beautiful work continues to pour out of you. Wow!!!

I want to thank you for the beautiful, splendid and exceptional job you did. I do not think you have an equal. You're the best! Don't change! Thanks again!!!

It was a wonderful blessing to have met with you in your home. It was very warm and inviting and the experience was personal for my sister and I. We saw your flyer and did not seek to find another company. Now we know it was the Lord's leading.